Week Two: My Master Key Journey

Herein lies my journey thus far...

Evaluating myself this past week, I’ve discovered since removing myself from the corporate world in late 2012, I’ve predominantly been out of my comfort zone. In a way that seems a bit of an oxymoron, for going to work everyday-being at my job, and working for someone else-being a cog in the wheel to make someone else a success, became uncomfortable for me. It started as a whisper, but the whisper became louder, more difficult to silence or ignore.  I accepted the call to action with a bit of trepidation, as it was stepping into the unknown.

Here I am experiencing week two of the Master Key journey.  I see myself in every page of Mandino’s book.  Maybe a bit more each day due to reading so often.  How often has my conscious mind, “the watchman at the gate” of my subconscious mind not remained on guard?  What nonsense has been allowed to wreak havoc and allow me to believe things that are not true? Part Two in Haneel, The Master Key System states the importance of guarding the subconscious mind from false impressions.  This week it seems all my shortcomings have come to the forefront and assailed me from every side.  “I’ve suffered the bruises of failure, and the wounds of mediocrity.” (Chapter 8,page 51). I have stumbled this week and have found myself wallowing in the pools of self-pity. (Chapter 8, page 53).

I will not name these things for you or myself.  I will not say them allowed or type them.  It is enough that they have made themselves known to my mind. “Time teaches all things to him who lives forever…yet within my allotted time I must practice the art of patience for nature acts never in haste…And for experience…her lessons diminish with the time necessary to acquire her special wisdom.” (Chapter 8, page 53)


So PATIENCE it is that I must practice.  I reject these false premises.  “…The sure method of overcoming them is by the use of a strong counter suggestions, frequently repeated, which the mind must accept…(Haneel, week2:23).  “Only principles endure and these I now possess…good habits are the key to all success.”(Chapter 8, page 54).   I will continue until I have gained complete mastery of these principles and I am slave to good habits.

These principles, these good habits as I repeat them daily will become part of my active mind, but even more exciting to me; they will seep into my subconscious(my solar plexus)the other part of my mind that never sleeps, where my dreams will be created with right thinking. (Chapter 8, page 56)

“Today I begin a new life…I will drink as instructed and spill not a drop.  And the seed of success I will swallow…"(Chapter 8, page 57)


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