Week Three: My Master Key Journey

thomasTroward200wWeek Three Reading; our first paragraph begins with, "The necessary interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind require a similar interaction between the corresponding systems of nerves"...and then a mention of the name Judge Troward, and his explanation, “The cerebro-spinal system is the organ of the conscious mind and the sympathetic is the organ of the subconscious. The cerebro-spinal is the channel through which we receive conscious perception from the physical senses and exercise control over the movements of the body.  This system of nerves has its centre in the brain.”

I was curious…Why did Haanel quote him?

Who was Judge Troward?

Well, with a bit of research I discovered quite a bit.  I will share a very small portion of my discovery. He was born in Punjab, India in 1847. He wrote several books or lectures; The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, The Dore Lectures on Mental Science, The Creative Process of the Individual, and The Hidden Power & Other Papers on Mental Science to name a few.

I discovered this excerpt from http://thomastroward.wwwhubs.com

“Thomas Troward was Her Majesty's Assistant Commissioner and later Divisional Judge of the North Indian Punjab from 1869 until his retirement in 1896. It is this later period for which he is best remembered and most celebrated; in it he was at last able to devote himself to his great interest in metaphysical and esoteric studies.

The most notable results were a few small volumes that have had a profound effect on the development of spiritual metaphysics, in particular that of the the New Thought Movement, of which the teaching known as Science of Mind is Troward's most direct legacy.

On May 16, 1916, at the age of 69, Thomas Troward passed from this plane. He will be recognized in history as a contributing influence to Religious Science, the New Thought Movement in the United States and Great Britain, and also, to some extent, to the more liberal ideas of the Church of England.”

Judge Troward's brilliance was captured by Charles E. Haneel in our Master Key System. In his earlier years he was her Majesty's Assistant Commissioner, followed by many years as a Divisional Judge.  It was after retirement in his later years he went on to be called an "Early Teacher of Mental Science".

"Today I pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard, for these were planted by the wisest...." Scroll One, Og Mandino.

Perhaps you will consider Judge Troward as one of the wisest to have planted...


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  1. There is a little book from the New Though Movement called 'Thoughts Are Things' by Prentice Mulford. My mother had it on her shelf for years, she quietly pointed me to it over the years, when I was flapping around in my younger days. Thanks for your thoughtful and quiet essay.


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