Week Four: My Master Key Journey


stock-vector-granny-knows-retro-clip-art-illustration-149104391If you make up your mind TO DO something, DO IT.  If you START, SEE IT THROUGH.

A warning is given in MK 4:12…"If you do not intend to do a thing, do not start; if you do start, see it through even if the heavens fall; if you make up your mind to do something, do it; let nothing, no one, interfere…"

When we lived in Arizona before 1996, we joined a new church, being new to the area.  We had a surprise visit from the Pastor, and a deacon.  As we visited, and got to know one another a bit better, the pastor turned his attention to my three children sitting beside me.  He shared that his mother had taught him a little poem when he was a young boy. He wondered if they might like to hear it.  The three agreed with full attention on this older man.  He began,


“When a task is once begun.chore

Never leave it till it's done.

Be the labor great or small.

Do it well or not at all.” Anonymous

He continued to work with each one of them, ‘till they could repeat it to him without flaw or hesitation.  Do you know what?  My three grown children still know that little poem the Pastor had been taught from his mother, and he so diligently passed onto them.

They have even shared with me that they feel guilty sometimes.  They may go to do something, some little task and come up short, remembering that poem. For one daughter (much later as a teenager) it was simply putting folded dishtowels in the kitchen drawer.  She didn’t really want to do the chore, and certainly would rather have placed them roughly into their place.  But that little poem popped into her conscious mind from her subconscious past reasoning and prompted her she must do it well or not at all.  She placed each dishtowel delicately into its place as nice and neat as you please. The die was cast, she was determined.  There was no longer any argument in her mind.

Here are three character traits at work, as “I” plays its role to settle a matter.

DEPENDABILITY vs. Inconsistency: Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.

DETERMINATION vs. Faintheartedness: Purposing to accomplish what I have started, regardless of the opposition.

DILIGENCE vs. Slothfulness: Investing my time and energy to complete each thing I have said “I” would do.(Character First Training paraphrased)

So, “I can be what I will to be.” I will to be DEPENDABLEI will to be DETERMINED.  I will to be DILIGENT.


THANK YOU, for STARTING this post, and seeing it through.  Geni

10 thoughts on “Week Four: My Master Key Journey

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Thank you George. I've made a solemn oath to myself, I will see it through. I graciously accept daily Liberty to think, plan, and express my dreams pleasurably manifesting them into tangible actions, events, and conditions. Enjoying the journey with you George.

  1. Sue B

    A thought-provoking post, Geni! I stole the poem and posted it on Facebook, because it's awesome! Certainly it corresponds with what we're learning in our wonderful MKMMA course! Impressive!

    1. Geni

      Post author

      "Thank you" for reposting the poem. I am glad you think it is awesome, I do too. It has traveled right at home in our subconscious minds for many years as you can see.

  2. Geni,
    A trip down memory lane as I remember those days of that poem saturating our home with right thinking
    Thanks for being an incredible Mother. It gives you such a pool if wisdom to pull from.
    Keep giving keep growing

  3. Hi Geni,

    Great blog, I love how things always pop up and connect together in life, how those habits form early in life and stick with you, like the poem with your kids. Unfortunately it works for good and bad!!! Great blog,

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Thank you Brent. Those habits formed from early childhood, some require a new blueprint. Thus, the MKMMA.


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