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November 23, 2017image

Interviewers: The YOLI Dynamic Duo, Jenifer Moser Furness & Jeanie Moser Fountain

It is a cool brisk day in November, fall is ebbing into the flow of a seemingly icy harsh winter as me and my sister Jeanie are in route to interview the new six figure earner, who has warmed hearts it seems wherever she goes.  We both agree her smile speaks volumes when it is turned in your direction. Love and joy is tangible as it radiates from something so simply given- a smile, and you know she genuinely cares about you, and she hears every word you speak. Her eyes tell you so.

We’ve been invited to join the annual Witt Thanksgiving Celebration. What an opportunity to share what makes this family tick. Jeanie and I had first met Geni at a YOLI University training in our neck of the woods, IA. We partnered up for some role playing. Continued to communicate through face book, and texting.  We prayed for her when she spent a month in California, her dad was dying. We know that time, and the several trips prior to California hit the two of them hard financially and emotionally.

The drive is what you’d expect of a drive out to the country in the mid-west. Long roads, vast pasture land or soybean, and corn crops as far as the eye can see, miles upon miles. This area consists of some rolling hills; primarily it’s flat from horizon to horizon.

Jeanie had called Geni to set up the interview and asked a few preliminary questions. Geni was born and raised in Southern California, along the coast.  Over the short phone interview she said she holds wonderful memories of family, and growing up playing on the beach, and visiting Disneyland every year. She is thankful God provided work for her husband in Missouri. Missouri is home; the people are friendly and share their wonderful hospitality. She reminisced one of her favorite verses from the Bible, lets see, she said it was found in Acts 17. She simply summarized its meaning with excitement in her voice—"It is in Him I live, I move, and have my being. He has determined my pre-appointed times and set the boundaries of my habitation.  Missouri is part of the established boundary." So for her that has included CA, AZ, and now MO.

The closer we came to our destination, it was as she described, uneventful until you reach their road, Just as she had said, the road sign reads, LIBERTY & LEGACY.  Then just a mile down the dusty road, when you reach the cobblestone driveway you will see Respite Ranch. The driveway is long, and the landscape is in harmony with its surroundings. The beauty is a predominant visual in every plant, shrub and flower that dots the drive. Geni had shared with us; her mother is forever young enjoying the opportunity to manifest her thoughts into the tangible beauty that we are witnessing.cobblestone-road-2

We have arrived at Respite Ranch. Its a yin and yang of design, mostly traditional but elegant simultaneously. The covered porch wraps around the entire log home, allowing for relaxation even when experiencing formidable weather. We can tell the view is spectacular on any day.  The valley spreads before you and is breathtakingly eye pleasing. We observe a cosmos path of solar lights; these will be evident at dusk.teacupcookie

Geni strolls down the steps to greet us, cheerily smiling. She directs us to a cozy patio area, furnished with a tall heating lamp to ward off the chill in the air. She is balancing a tray with a large white Finely decorated teapot, assorted teas, crisp lemon slices, honey, and three teacups matching the teapot. After she has served us both, we settle with a hot cup of tea, and a sweet butter cookie in our hand. We begin feeling not only comfortable but relaxed.

Jeanie queries first, “So Geni where does it begin, this journey of yours?”

With confidence and a giggle she settles in, looking each of us directly in the eyes, continuing to smile she begins. We’ve talked numerous times through the years. This feels so natural.

“When I first met you both, I had just stepped out of my full-time job. Luther and I had talked about this moment for maybe a bit over a year. Like so many people we grew tired of worrying how the bills would get paid every month, we grew tired of working a job that we knew would never create the life we wanted, the liberty we so desired.  The legacy we wished to leave for our children’s children.   So we decided to do something about it.

First, I left my position at the hospital December 21, 2012.  This began the process of creating liberty with time to invest in our own ventures. Then Luther followed in 2016, March 31. But that is jumping ahead.

I loved the fast pace of my work there, loved the nurses, and techs I worked with. Four years it was grueling 12-hour shifts. Then without much notice for the unit secretaries, the job switched to five days, 8 hours shifts. These little things, and sometimes-big changes at the hospital all culminated to create a dissatisfaction for the present.

This decision to come home and invest in our own business venture was exciting, and freeing.  ‘Do you want to do something about it?’ Mark J would say.  As we would later learn through Go90Grow I was taking the Hero’s journey into the unknown.

In my mind, and I do believe Luther let me think so, I would be doing office work, organizing my husband’s office, keeping records, typing correspondence, answering emails, and phones while he did the networking business.  I was happy being a behind the scenes gal.  But that was not reality I was soon to discover.  By January, it seemed Luther’s work became more demanding of his time.  He had no time to invest in his network business to the capacity to help it grow.  What was to be done? The picture became clear, for success I had to move from the ‘back office’ mentality and stand on the front line.  Wow, do I remember the moment of desperation that took over every fiber of my being. What was I doing? This was totally beyond my prevue of experience. Panic set in.

But as usual, my think out of the box husband had a plan. So we began a class together, it was called Grow90Grow. This is where I first became acquainted with the Italian Mark J. living in Hawaii with his wife the Fabulous Davene. He became our mentor and guide through this new journey I had embarked on rather naively. He called himself the World's Laziest Networker, this was an introduction to skills training and the course included Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  What an eye opening class this was for both of us.  Hand in hand with this class followed a more in depth training. This was a 7 month commitment, learning the Master Key System written by Charles E. Haanel.” and Og Mandino’s, The Greatest Salesman In the World. My husband prompted me, in Proverbs it tells us to get wisdom, and with that wisdom get understanding.  And here our journey takes root.

Geni barely catches her breath, takes a sip of tea, and Jenifer says, “Please share with us what made the difference.” I must note we two have finished the generous plate of butter cookies, and on our third cup of still steaming hot tea.

“Alright, lets see.” She muses under her breath, “Old blueprint to new blueprint, blogging twitter, reading, scrolls, definite major purpose, pivotal needs”, then she begins, “Learning that the world without is a reflection of the world within.  We learned to focus our thought. For example the outcome is like focusing a magnifying glass on one spot.  We learned the value and power of concentration.  It is the very highest personal accomplishment we can  acquire, and the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman.  This takes continual practice, perseverance, and daily mental house cleaning. But look around you and view the pay off.  And as I know you know, the pay off is so much more in the LIFE, than in the money made.

We took these classes from Mark J, and the Master Key team in 2012 and here we are are today 2017, enjoying time freedom-liberty. We graciously accept daily Liberty to think, to plan, and to express these dreams; pleasurably manifesting them into tangible actions, events, and conditions.

By the end of 2014 we enjoyed $5000 monthly income working part-time. We earned our money while Intentionally with overwhelming self-confidence and courage built our skilled network of partners and friends. So much of our time was invested in our self-development through the Master Key course. Our old van had seen many miles from days when our twin daughters attended college in Florida. YOLI provided our beautiful white BMW by the end of Jan 2015, which was earned effortlessly. What a tickler that has been to drive. Our income was increasing each month, before December 31 of the following year-2015 we had in our possession $100,000.  We have put principles of giving into play in our lives.  We've learned he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully…and God is able to make all grace abound toward you , that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, have an abundance for every good work.

The greatest thrill to my soul, was Luther partnering with me full-time in perfect harmony before March 31, 2016.  Together we rejoiced creating income of $500,00 prior to March 31, 2017.  We earned this money with integrity and wisdom. We are pleasurably living by good habits, and enduring principals. This is living what we were learning. Og Madino writes creatively and the scrolls changed our lives. His first law in scroll #1 is to form good habits and become their slaves. This we have done, and continue to do.

Yes there was sacrifice for our success.  Luther gave up certain things, he will share with you.  I decided TV took too much time, and that includes newsy stuff.  I wholeheartedly sacrificed old habits, staying up late, and TV time.  Living by these principles created marvelous avenues of abundance in my life that continue to this day.  I wake each morning with energy and vitality. I greet each sunrise with enthusiasm and contentment. My heart is bubbling over with gratitude, and I am rejoicing with a song in my heart every day.

Look around you.  What you see is my thought, Luther’s thoughts used constructively-as God intended. Bringing every thought captive. Receiving ideas, and then to formulate plans for execution. You know, I have as much pleasure in acting upon these plans, as I do their attainment and achievement.log-cabin-designs15

I am Abundantly blessed, and humbled. Wisdom and wealth provides  a lasting legacy with such peace of mind for us and our children, and our children’s children. A verse comes to mind, Proverbs 24:3 says Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. This property, Ranch Respite has been designed to be self-sustainable. A fact my husband is very proud of. We purchased the land and built our home prior to December 31, 2016. It is our place of refreshing from the busy world outside.  Our YOLI business is booming.  Luther and I love traveling and training our team of partners and friends-helping them grow their network. This takes us around the nation, and we love to travel and share what we have learned with others. But this is our abode of peace.

My mother and sister live over here, you see the solar lights make a path to and from our places.  It is a network of lights that connect each of our  homes with the other.  Even in the dark we are reminded of our family legacy: built upon Godly character, a strong foundation, serving others, a heart of generosity, and kindness. My mother loves planting and tending the variety of flowers and other landscaping you see. Their beauty is the reflection you see in her eyes. She is also our jam maker.  Before moving here, she said she wanted to make plum jam, thus the plum orchard-a pre-requisite to her relocation.  My sister has always loved horses, look at the barn she designed for the horses and assorted livestock.  My dad died in April (while I was going through the Go90Grow course).  It was a difficult time for me, for my family.  My vision was to have my mom and sister here with us, loved—given support of family to dream their dreams here with us, creating our legacy together. I am overjoyed and so relieved they are here. It brings tears to my eyes.

My daughters are free to delve into their passions, writing and art. My son and husband continue to thrill us with innovations for high tech living off the grid, composting, along with rich organic gardening. What do you think of our raised garden beds? My son has built an elaborate gun range for our practice and small competitions.  After dinner you will have to join us for the Traditional Thanksgiving contest of the most proficient shot.

My daughters have put together a sing-a-long, follow me Jenifer and Jeanie lets go inside for the entertainment they have put together this year for our Thanksgiving celebration. Then we will enjoy about five tasty turkeys-one I shot and dressed myself—isn’t that a hoot.  I’ve always wanted to do that. We’ve invited our neighbors, I believe there is over thirty of us here to celebrate this day.  It will be quite the party.  Lets go inside, and let me introduce you to our lively bunch."

The recording stopped at this point, there was just too much laughing, sharing, and a wonderful time being had by all.  Geni’s twins thrilled us all singing several Andrew sisters songs, then had us all joining in. One of our favorites was Pineapple Princess. The warmth of the large stone fireplace gave a warm glow to all the faces as the girls had us all sing, A Servant of All.  It was the transition song for seating everyone at the very large and long table. Conversation continued through the entire meal. At one point we all went around and shared what we were thankful for. Thirty some people focusing on Thankfulness—now that is impressive.IMG_0517

It must be noted the wall décor was of significance. Everything had meaning, and was a reminder of this life The Witt family lived day in and day out.  Beautifully framed calligraphy statements; one read, 'Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are noble, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.' Philip 4:8.  The library contained one large wall with books from floor to ceiling.  One of her daughters pointed out the framed old parchment scrolls all along one wall, scrolls marked from I to X. There was an array of odd items that carried significance as well.  We saw all styles of magnifying glasses and compasses throughout the house. These would have to be explained another time.

It was time for us to head home. We parted with hugs and an invitation to bring our families for a visit. We had been filled with inspiration, and it bubbled over in our conversation as we drove down the now lit driveway, the network of solar stars illuminating a lasting legacy far more precious than riches softened the darkness of evening.  They had loved us, we felt it.  It warmed our hearts and the beginning of friendship for eternity had blossomed.


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      Sue B; You, Alice, Susan H, Sandra, and Konstantina are invited to our five turkey feast! You can even do the hunting with me, what do you think? Put it on your calendars!

  1. Paul Massiah

    I enjoyed the visit to Respite Ranch. There is a feeling of communion between your family and your God as you allow God's wisdom to permeate your Being. May you and your family live in your Bliss. Peace & joy


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