Master Key Journey: Week Eleven


Caterpillar or Butterfly? Live-wire or Circuit?

Where am I in this journey, this adventure we call life?  I have made wonderful progress. Although I haven’t decided whether I am still in the chrysalis I’ve encased myself in, or if I have broken free and I am letting my wings dry before I take flight.


My thoughts have been somewhat arrested this week, but then again not really.  I have continued even with a foggy congested head to meditate, to delve deeper, just at a slower pace.
Between the readings of Haanel and Mandino, the exercises of the mental diet, the seven laws of the mind, all the kit and caboodle my mind is daily saturated in so many wonderful ways of change. As a caterpillar becomes the chrysalis, the hard work is evident. She works persistently wriggling about as she sheds her old skin, moving it up to where she is connected to the twig or leaf.  The chrysalis comes from within-just under her skin.  Her back splits open to allow the skin to move upward, for the inner is not  to be visible until the outer skin is removed. The old skin drops off and reveals the chrysalis. The reward for the work and PERSISTANCE is beauty. She is transformed from the ground bidden crawler, to the winged beauty.  Free to span new horizons, never before possible.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes

it has gone through to achieve that beauty. "

~Maya Angelou

Everywhere I turn in our studies everything is interwoven. As I review back through the Masterkey chapters, everything is building upon itself and then also repeated throughout the chapters.  The scrolls, Emerson’s essay on Compensation, our daily exercises all correlate with our study, bringing everything into harmony. My mind is satiated with truth, and laws.

I desire to be an open channel or circuit of the Universal.  Therefore living in harmony with the natural laws that the Great Architect put into our reality. My life is governed by laws that never vary, “Fixed laws underlie all human actions,” Haanel(11).

At one time I did not exist in the objective world-I was His creation, He gave me life through my parents. “Creation is the calling into existence of that which does not exist in the objective world..”(10:13).  My innerworld is in the process of unfoldment, development, and expression (1-8). “….we can do nothing to assist in the manifestation, we simply comply with the law, and the All-originating Mind (My God) will bring about the result.”(10:14) Here we see we contribute nothing.  God provides the ways and means, we are at liberty to create the Ideal.  Here we are to live by intention. We are a dangerous LIVE WIRE if we lack the understanding of the laws governing the invisible world. Polarization cannot be attained if we entertain thoughts out of harmony with the laws set into reality by the Great Architect of the Universe.  We become isolated, we are troubled on every side-NO CIRCUIT CONNECTION IS POSSIBLE.  No polarization occurs. I prefer HARMONY, the polarization for the circuit to be formed.  Herein lies the interplay of the Seven Laws of the Mind.  So we study, and we observe, and we see that all of life is constantly attracting to itself all the conditions and supply which are needed for the most complete expression(10-8).

So, what is the most complete expression, and what is it that guides and determines our actions? Is it not NEED, WANT, and DESIRE. These INDUCE, GUIDE, and DETERMINE our actions. (Haanel, chapter 11)

Our exercise this week was to meditate on the Bible verse found in Mark 11:24, Jesus says, “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them.”

It is important for me to ASK or DESIRE what is right, noble, and, courageous.  I remain the circuit for the Great Architect of the Universe, and I build with materials of the best kind, (Haanel 5).

What could be better than sitting still and at rest in the presence of the Great Architect of the Universe as the unfoldment of Truth is tapped from within. “This truth will find expression in noble purpose and courageous action,” (Haanel 7-21). As the circuit I am refreshed and revitalized, actually UNSTOPPABLE.  My mysterious mind that never sleeps is at work to create harmony, and abundance in all aspects of my life, all the while, the WATCHMAN at the Gate must be continuously vigilant.

So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist, and I will transform with beautiful wings to fly.  I emerge to limitless opulent horizons.  fairybutterfly



17 thoughts on “Master Key Journey: Week Eleven

  1. Autumn Bear

    Wow! Your expression has gone deeper and I listen. I want to be quiet as this transformation in you is most breathtaking! At the moment given, fly!

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Autumn, what a surprise to find your welcome comment on my blog post. You are a wonderful friend, thank you for your encouragement! Love you!

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Thank you Kathy. I actually had to work on my blog for two days until I was able to complete it, so your compliments warm my heart.

  2. Paul Massiah

    The struggle, determination and persistence within to create that beautiful, harmonious joy without. To live in your Bliss. Fantastic post Geni. Peace & joy

  3. The butterfly analogy was so appropriate and I really enjoyed the video. I don't know if I have ever really watched the transformation from caterpillar to Butterfly in it's totality. Fabulous. and I loved this… "My mysterious mind that never sleeps is at work to create harmony, and abundance in all aspects of my life, all the while, the WATCHMAN at the Gate must be continuously vigilant."
    It is amazing what we can do with that mind that never sleeps!

  4. Drew Narehood

    Geni, this is very well written and explained. U Rocked it.
    It is great how you are receiving the intertwines of the course work.
    As you become that butterfly, I am looking forward to you taking flight,
    and living that purpose on purpose.


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