Master Key Journey: Week 22A

silencegirlQuiet Please

Tomorrow I begin another time of quiet.

A Time of Silence.

A Time to BE still.

A Time of Contemplation,  and Retrospection.

A Time to Unplug.

A Time to LISTEN.

A Time to journal.

A Time to REFLECT, a Time to quiet my heart, my breathing, my thoughts.

A rapturous Time to Be, HERE & NOW!

Part Two will be: Breaking the SILENCE…

Here is a short Gregorian Chant. Go ahead sit back, close your eyes, and listen...

"Gregorian chant remains among the most spiritually moving and profound music in Western culture. An idea of its pure, floating melody can be heard in the Easter hymn Victimae paschali lauds." (Music History 102, iPL2)

5 thoughts on “Master Key Journey: Week 22A

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Duane thank you. This silence was different. I thought it would be smoother since it was the second time set aside, but did experience a whirlwind of chatter that caught me off guard.


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