Master Key Journey: Week 19

A Week of Challenges…Great Opportunity!

And just what do I mean?  Last week was such a highlight experiencing the Law of Attraction in so many wonderful ways.  I believe it was two Sundays ago Trish mentioned breaking out with hives due to 'things' in her life during her MKMMA journey.  I had developed a rash on my chest, and I looked at my husband after hearing Trish share, and wondered out loud if I could be experiencing something similar.  By last Thursday the rash was extremely itchy and welts had developed. It was most unbearable.  I made a doc appointment by my husbands prompting. The Doctor could not explain the rash. Any lotions, or essential oils I had used, I had used on all my skin, so why the chest? He sent me home with a topical cortisone cream, and and oral cortisone as well.  I decided not to use the oral medication, but just used the cream and felt immediate relief.  Within a matter of one day it was gone.  Between several conversations I had, was it possible my body was detoxing as it was struggling with change from old thoughts to new thoughts…?feelingsick

One girl friend shared, stressing about delay could center those emotions in my chest. I've definitely been struggling with delay, in many areas of my life. Sunday I awoke with a raspy deep chest feeling. Why the chest again.  I dressed, and made it through church, but I was exhausted and a cough began to develop.  Monday and Tuesday, I had no voice, and spent most of the Monday, Tuesday sleeping.  Wednesday was our Courageous Diva call, I pushed myself still not feeling well. Sharing what was going on with me it was suggested that using the cream for the rash could have suppressed what was detoxing. Could it have taken the form of this awful cold, again originating in my chest? I guess I must admit, I have not heard of our bodies reacting this way.  By Thursday I was up moving around, feeling some better.  It was my first time to read through Part Nineteen of Haanel for the week. Here again DELAY

Haanel, Part Nineteen intro, "Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood."  It goes on to explain that fear affects the entire body; body, brain, and nerve, physical, mental, and muscular. So in my mind, emotions of any kind…those feelings attached to our thoughts makes them very powerful…The Law of Dual Thought.

Julie Booz in an earlier post mentioned something I have remembered, what she wrote planted a seed.  Her instructor asked her why she was sick?  In the course of their conversation, Julie outlined for us the reasons we get sick.      Master Key System Week 11 – Processing  

1. Your body is releasing toxins. 2. You are being asked to slow down. 3. Your soul wants your diet to change. 4. You are unconsciously resisting or worried about something.

Now isn't that food for our Thought?

Experiencing DELAY is so many areas of my life. Things not fitting into my timeframe. Disappointed & frustrated  in my self and how long it can take me to do something, especially technical computer stuff.

Then I read, part 19-27 in Haanel…paraphrased.

I take the necessary time to eat in order that the body may be nourished, why not take the time to ASSIMILATE my mental food?

I will take the time to ASSIMILATE my mental food. I will persist!



I will live this day as if it is my last…"procrastination I will destroy with ACTION; doubt I will bury under FAITH; fear I will dismember with CONFIDENCE…I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing retards my new life's growth…I must practice the art of patience…I know that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, Great OpportunitiesOg Mandino




Onward and Upward in OUR Master Key Journey!




8 thoughts on “Master Key Journey: Week 19

  1. Wow Geni, what wonderful insight you are having. It makes a lot of sense and something I was also listening to recently said that everyone of the cells in our bodies know what they need to be healthy. If you eat something that is contaminated our stomach rejects it and we are sick. Therefore it makes sense that if something is contaminating our body in other ways it will be rejected. I hope you feel better now and what a fabulous testimony you have to share with people and help them over come obstacles. xxx

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Sandra I value your comments each week, they are truly a gift to read. I feel much better, thank you. I am inspired by your enthusiasm with the new direction you are taking with your love of teaching. Im wishing we lived closer, I would love to be in your classes! xoxox

  2. Congratulations, Geni my dear, on persisting through to new realization, which adds to the new blueprint, yes? What a work in process you are, and I applaud utilization of the tools we've been given with which to increase our skillset for dealing with such challenges, obstacles, etc. to our advantage in service to others. Thanks for your transparent sharing. I treasure this mastermind alliance, Courageous Divas, as the "dross" rises to the top in the midst of the fire, we emerge as gold, reflections of I AM and splendid.

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Thank you my dear friend Nancy (Mightyjane)! I too treasure our mastermind alliance. We've been there for each other, encouraging, and applauding onto greatness. Looking forward to emerging as gold with you!


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