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My name is Geni, sounds like Jenny.  My husband and I have three grown children, our son, and our twin daughters.  Our kids afraid we would be lonely when they moved to their own places gave us the gift of two baby dachshunds to potty train and care for. Now we have babies again.

I was a busy mommy with three under the age of two.

Life is full of loving, laughter, and family.

As our children reached school age, we joined the ranks of the families who decided to educate at home.

Life is full of learning, loving, laughter, and family.

Kids headed off to college; first one, then the other two. They are grown and have lives of their own.

Life is full of changes, learning, loving, laughter, and family.

New opportunities have presented themselves as our lives have changed.  December 21, 2012, I accepted the “call to action” and quit my job.  We began an adventure of our own, network marketing.  By March 2013 we began the Go90Grow class with Mark Januszewski.   And if that was not an eye opener enough, we decided to jump in with both feet in earnest and begin the Master Key System also taught by Mark, Davene, and their professional team.

Life is full of Hero journeys, learning, loving, laughter, and family.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Paul Massiah

    Hi Geni, Is the pic on your blog what it's like in your home town? I'm sure you are absolutely enjoying this life that is full of whatever you desire. Peace & joy

    1. Geni

      Post author

      Paul, although I would love it, we don't have quite as much snow as the pic on my blog. Thank you for reading my 'About Me' page.


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