The Power of Thinking

"What is meant by thinking?" This is one of our study questions for part 24 in The Master Key System. The answer is given, "Clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, sustained thought with a definite end in view."

Defined by the Webster's 1828 Dictionary



Think. 1.To have the mind occupied on some subject; to have ideas, or to revolve ideas in the mind. 2. To conceive; to imagine, to believe, to consider, to esteem. 3. To muse, to meditate.

The Power of Thinking, is being a Thinker…"One who Thinks". Webster continues, "But chiefly, one who thinks in a particular manner; as a close thinker; a deep thinker; a coherent thinker.


The Thinker is Thinking using the imagination, and even more, lets try on... Idealization, visualization, and concentration. It is in the power to see a thing in its completeness.  Lets dig a little deeper. "Thought is the plastic material with which we build images of our growing conception of life. Use determines its existence. As in all other things our ability to recognize it and use it properly is the necessary condition for attainment," Haanel chapter 16.

dreamingAnd Creative Thinking requires Attention and the Power of Attention (last weeks blog) is called Concentration. "Every form of concentration, forming Mental Images, Argument, and Autosuggestion are all simply methods by which you are enabled to realize the truth," Haanel chapter 24.

If thinking holds power, what should we be thinking? And if what we think about grows with the Law of Attraction our thoughts are of the utmost of importance. Do we take the Power of Thinking and imagine lack, loss, and poverty? Surely NOT!

door2"Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view."George Mathew Adams

"When an object or purpose is clearly held in thought, its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself determines the realization." Lillian Whiting

Have you thought that All Thought is a form of energy? A rate of vibration?

"Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make not mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed; and herein is the difference between idle thinking, which is simply a dissipation of effort, and constructive thinking, which means practically unlimited achievement, "Haanel, chapter 13. Its the Power of Thinking. The Thinker must be clear, decisive, calm, deliberate, and build with the best of character, the highest principle, the thinker must think justly, and purely.

silenceschool"The possibilities of thought training are infinite, its consequence eternal, and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance." Marden

"That a man can change himself, improve himself, re-create himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action." Larsen

The Power of Thinking is AWESOME

"The greatest events of an age are its best thoughts. It is the nature of thought to find its way into action." Bovee



Find your place of SILENCE, and use your power to Think, Be a Thinker. Find YOUR thoughts in the Peace and Calm of Silence.


The Power Of Attention

"The power of attention is called concentration; this power is directed by the will…Haanel 23, 10" So how 'bout we concentrate on the things we desire.  Think of it as a JOURNEY; We are to enjoy the race, rather than just focusing on the goal, remembering pleasure in the pursuit rather than the possession.

dots.pnjHaanel tells us our greatest success will come as we are enabled to assist others. Connect the dots here; remembering our Gift Giving card, "to give without expectation of reciprocity... and remember our affirmation, " Visualize your new reality as a service to others."

Where else have we been giving the power of our Attention? Our list is really quite extensive. Its a Masters Course…woven with expertise in material, resources, and timing. Everything connects. I am so grateful for the skill set Mark J, Davene, and the MKMMA team have invested in this top notch course.

The Greatest Salesman in the World…forming good habits and become their slave, I will greet this day with love in my heart, I will persist until I succeed, I am nature's greatest miracle, I will live this day as if it is my last, emotionsand Today I will be master of my emotions...



The Franklin Makeover…Decisiveness, Kindness, Taking Initiative, Specialized Knowledge, Well Organized, Self-Control, Discipline, Imagination, Persistance, Enthusiasm, Pleasing Personality, Courage, and See God in Others.

Our Personal Pivotal Needs, Our Definite Major Purpose, The Blue Print Builder, The Gal in the Glass. The Compound Complex progression...our ever growing stack of 3x5 cards with Gratitudes, Accomplishments, the Positive mini journal, Random Acts of Kindness, The Sit,  Plan Of Action card, Service Card, our Movie poster, our 3x5 movie trailer version DMP, and then put it all to music and step into the mind gym…remembering our shapes and colors, traction points...

Include Wooden's Pyramid of Success, add Emerson, Earl Nightengale, Emmet Fox, and The Wisdom of Wattles…and of course Haanel!

The Awesome videos; TED, Joseph Campbell, and more...



Constantly weaving in the Laws of the MInd, using the 'tool box' to positively capture and navigate our emotions...

The SILENCE…such a eye opener for me!

As Disraeli said, "Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes."


Our CONCENTRATION is a magnifying glass focused, Our COMPASS assists in directing the Power of our ATTENTION.

These new habits are shorn in Persistence; A Positive Mental Attitude, Following a Plan of Action, A Definite Major Purpose, and a Master Mind Alliance...they've become our effortless lifestyle.  

Our WILL has been very busy concentrating on things to create success. "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."(John Wooden)

I am shouting from the roof top.  I have a key, it is the Master Key…And it is ME!

prayingwomanWe are involved in an unending progression. "Perfection in this is not acquired in six days, nor in six weeks, nor in six months.

It is the LABOR OF LIFE…Haanel part 23"



Part 2- Breaking The Silence

To be unplugged is like sweeping away the cobwebs of distraction, and with the lamplight of your mind and heart searching for inner calm and clarity amongst the dust and debri of the cacophony, the noise, and the whirlwind that life seems to demand. enchantedforestIt is needful, it is necessary for me to be still, to be quiet. And I’m learning for myself it needs to be longer than I would have ever imagined, and it needs to be more often. In fact it has never occurred to me to be apart so dramatically, other than from the need of a daily quiet time with God.  1 Kings 19:11 Elijah in the cave…God is not in the powerful wind that tore into the mountains, not in the earthquake, not in the fire…but in the small still voice…and Elijah heard it and wrapped his face in his mantle and stood in the entrance of the cave.

I'm listening.


What strange thing it is-- to totally separate, to unplug from my daily reality of conversation, computer, phone, texting, games, my daily talking routine, and to experience the cloak ofsilentforestchild silence and enjoy Him alone for more than hours, but for days. “For You will light my lamp” (Ps 18:28A)

My first 24 hours was magnificent, I was refreshed and ready for more.  I did not experience unsettled, restless or inconsistent, confused or uncontrollable chatter in my thoughts…I did the second time around. What made the difference? My second 24 hours was just as wonderful, inviting me to extend my separateness, my cloak of silence. This time silence was more difficult to leave. Why? Was my heart mourning something? Am I on the cusp of discovering or knowing something?

My quest into silence will continue.  It is part of my Hero’s journey that we’ve learned so much about through our MKMMA class. silentbridgenatureOthers can encourage me, but I must go alone, no other person may walk into this journey with me.  It is mine to walk and discover alone.




This is a teaser video.  It comes in 12 parts. I’ve made mention of it during my Silence posts previously.  You may find some solace sharing in 5 volunteers as they journey into 8 days of silence.  What do they discover about themselves, about the life they are living, about God, and about being?  What will you DISCOVER when you put on the cloak of SILENCE?


silencegirlQuiet Please

Tomorrow I begin another time of quiet.

A Time of Silence.

A Time to BE still.

A Time of Contemplation,  and Retrospection.

A Time to Unplug.

A Time to LISTEN.

A Time to journal.

A Time to REFLECT, a Time to quiet my heart, my breathing, my thoughts.

A rapturous Time to Be, HERE & NOW!

Part Two will be: Breaking the SILENCE…

Here is a short Gregorian Chant. Go ahead sit back, close your eyes, and listen...

"Gregorian chant remains among the most spiritually moving and profound music in Western culture. An idea of its pure, floating melody can be heard in the Easter hymn Victimae paschali lauds." (Music History 102, iPL2)


To BE Silent

silencegirlOur choice this week; Remain in the HABITS of the comfort zone, or take the journey into priceless potentiality.  So the question; Do I chose COMFORT, or do I dare to risk?

The RISK means DISCOVERY. In Sunday's webinar Trish said, "Silent thought concentration is therefore the true method of reaching, awakening, and then experiencing the wonderful potential power of the world within."

The Discovery of my essential nature. Who am I really? What are my eternal possibilities? What are my thoughts?  Do I think for myself? Am I always influenced by things, and seeking the approval of others?

Well, I am the curious adventurer and I will embrace the Silence. adventureMy first 24 hours of SILENCE began Tuesday, March 3, 2014 at the stroke of midnight. An aura of tangible silence immediately clothed my outer world. The silence embraced my brain with trepidation mingled with wonder. It is now Me, God, my thoughts, and my journal.

cropped-wintercabincardinal.jpegMy first thoughts are wishing to be somewhere else, separate and apart from my every day trappings. I imagine a cozy warm cabin in a meadow with trails to walk, and snow capped mountins in view.  But my first experience will be here in the familiar, which will with surety lend its own challenges and discoveries about myself.

My thoughts before sleep wove its magic moving me from one form consciousness to the next…Will I wake remembering to be silent? What will I discover about myself; will it be difficult? Will it seem long?  No music, no phone, no computer, no sign language.  I will be preparing meals in silence, eating in silence, cleaning in silence, Being in silence all day and night, into the wee hours of the following morning. 12am-12am.

A_Golden_Day_by_SolitairemilesAlready it is peaceful, I pray, "God walk with me, speak to my heart…may I be still and KNOW You are God…Lead me beside the still waters, refresh my soul, enlighten my spirit, feed me Your Truth…speak in my dreams." Good Night .

I did dream, and in my dream I was living the adventure in silence, actually following through with my assignment while sleeping. Amazing!

Silent Morning

I embrace the morning following my normal routine in silence, make coffee and feed the pups. My husband is already working in his office…working at not disturbing me. I make a latte for him as well, just didn't ask him if he wanted any--usually I do.  Is this the way you move through the silence--JUST DO? And I didn't feel right about just making myself some, although taking that liberty would have been alright my thoughts insert.   I deliver his steaming breve latte, and he looks at me, smiles and gives me lots of kisses.  He is purposefully quieter while I walk this process. The dogs fair well without my voice.  They watch me intently, and I watch them intently. When Cali finishes her food, and nudges her sister away from her bowl and begins eating her food too, I find myself again just doing rather than speaking.  Simply moving Cali away, and allowing Sadi to continue eating suffices.

The brunch silence is tangible, how interesting I observe. Silence tangible. I seem to be in constant observation mode of my internal world and my external world.  We sit and eat in silence, we smile and hold each others eyes. Our eyes smile, speaking volumes of two lives intertwined through three decades of relationship. It is a cozy sweet comfortable tangible silence. And then he is gone, spiriting himself away. Brunch without words, kisses without words, hugs long and wonderful without words.

Silent afternoon & evening

prayingwomanMy companions for this 24-hour adventure in silence is my journal, my Bible, a Devotional book, and a dictionary. The three daschunds remain at my side or asleep at my feet. The setting for the most part is my living room.

I settle into the Psalms. Mark suggested Psalm 46, I read the passage in its entirety to gain the full strength of its message. My eyes scan, “Be still and know that I am God…” Be still…Be…Know that He is God. Psalm 51, “God desires Truth in the inward parts…make me to hear joy and gladness…renew a steadfast spirit within me.

I embrace the silence.

My thoughts are my words today. They come in various sorts; questions, curiosities, statements, beliefs…silentnaturesymphony

My thoughts cascade with reverance; Life is a dance. Life is a beautiful woven tapestry. Life is a poem. This becomes personal; my life is a dance, my life is a beautifully woven tapestry, my life is a poem.  I am His poem. Hmm, that resonates wondrously with me. The thoughts continue, lead me beside the still waters. Be still…BE…STILL my heart Creator of my soul. I am because He is. He breathed into my nostrils the breath of life, and I am a living soul. I have life in Him.

How do you approach the Great and Awesome Architect of the Universe?

Vibrations of the universe…I am learning more about this. Each individual has their own unique vibration. This has me thinking about fingerprints which are unique. What is spirit? Unseen, and invisible. What do I know of my spirit?

silencequoteIn Silence you see, and hear more.  You become adept at observation. More in tune to nature around you. I grew restless in my one spot, I tried outside on the deck, found a spot in the sun, but the chill in the air was still too much for comfort. I napped twice. I tried my bedroom around 7pm, and found myself so relaxed, I fell asleep.  My ghost of husband woke me just after midnight, and in the dark, but not so silent night I shared My curious adventure into Silence with him.

I found an exceptionally helpful video on BBC, called the Big Silence.  It is too long to post here, 12 parts. "Abbot Christopher Jamison, a Benedictine monk, believes that he can teach five ordinary people the value of silent meditation, as practiced by monks in monasteries, so they can make it part of their everyday lives. Journey into the interior space that time in silence reveals. They encounter anger, frustration and rebellion, but finally find their way to both personal and spiritual revelation." Here is Abbot Christopher Jamison giving a short summary of the 12 part documentary. http://vimeo.com/16059212

I am ready to step into the Silence again, but I desire longer.  I feel I just barely touched the surface of ME.  


Franklin Makeover: IMAGINATION



This week my makeover is focusing on Imagination

My understanding is that visualization takes place in the imagination. "It is the process of making mental images, making these images clear and clean cut, Haanel part 7. Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the world within, Haanel part 9.

Part of Imagination comprises-Conception; image in the mind; idea. Contrivance; scheme formed in the mind; device, (1828 Webster Dictionary). We would define imagination to be the will working on the materials of memory; not satisfied with following the order prescribed by nature, or suggested by accident, it selects the parts of different conceptions, or objects of memory, Imaginationto form a whole more pleasing, more terrible, or more awful, than has ever been presented in the ordinary course of nature, (Ed.Encyc.).




Our mental attitude is our personality.  It is composed of the thoughts we create in our own mind. Haanel states in part 21, "The mental attitude is patterned after the mental pictures which have been photographed on the brain; imaginationeyeif you do not like the pictures, destroy the  negatives and create new pictures; this is the art of visualization. "




Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."


Leave not your world to chance, use your imagination, visualize large ideas. Create in your imagination ideals that are sharp, and definite.

Chapter eight discusses the imagination at length…Let us recapture the essence of Imagination...

1. The cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

2.  The imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed.

3.  Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.

4.  Imagination is the mighty instrument by which every discoverer, every inventor, opened the way from precedent to experience.

5.  Imagination is a plastic power, molding the things of sense into new forms and ideals.

6. Imagination is the constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.

7. Imagination is the matrix in which all great things are fashioned.

imagination2So Imagine BIG, entertain thoughts of courage and power.

Visualize abundance, weave your inner world with opulence--materials of the finest quality, create a firm foundation that is built upon principle, and you will know that you have unlimited potential.

I would like to share a video my sweet friend Alice Eubank  Alice E's Master Key blog used in one of her blogs, it fits perfectly with what we can accomplish through our imagination.  Limitations cannot stand in our way, when we think and put our creative energy to work for us.  I loved this video where Phil Hansen learned to embrace the shake and a whole new world of art manifested itself…please enjoy.


Breathing Life

Hebrew--Ruah--Breath of Life, Prana--Life force


breathing2In various places around the world the LIFE FORCE has been called: Japan--Ki, China--Chi, Greece--Pneuma, Polynesian--Mana, Hebrew--Ruah--Breath of Life, Egypt--Ka.

In the Master Key part 20, Haanel uses a phrase from one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Acts 17. 'IN HIM WE LIVE, AND MOVE, AND HAVE OUR BEING."

ancientgreecePaul is in Athens. Certain Philosophers and Stoics after hearing Paul speak, take him to Mars Street, asking him to explain himself and this new doctrine he was preaching. It says that all the Athenians and strangers which lived there in Athens, spent there time doing nothing else but to tell or hear of some news. He begins by telling the men of Athens that he perceives them in all things to be too superstitious. He had noticed an altar wherein was written, "Unto the Unknown God." He said it was this God he wanted to share with them.  And now he opens up some of the most beautiful insights.  He begins, "God that made the world, and all things that are therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, He dwells not in temples made with hands. Neither is worshipped with mens' hands as though He needed anything, seeing He giveth to ALL Life, and Breath, and all things." Here I think of the way God described it in Genesis,

"God BREATHED in his face BREATH OF LIFE and the man was a living soul." 

breathoflifeAnd as a living soul, I have been gifted with a mind, with the creative power of thought! I am a body, made up flesh and bone, with a soul, and a spirit. I am created, God gave me the gift of life to express all that He has created me for. I have unlimited potential. I am a visualizing entity, imagination is my workshop, and here my ideal is to be visualized. With poise and power I receive the inspiration and wisdom which is necessary for the development of my purpose, Haanel, part 20) The infinite (God) has created the finite and given it spirit (me), therefore making me miraculously eternal. 



Paul continues with a statement of truth, The Architect  of the universe has made of one blood all mankind. Here is the connectiveness that Haanel and Mandino talk about. Paul continues and shares it is in Him that we LIVE, and MOVE, and have our BEING.  He notes one of their poets saying, "For we are also His generation." 



With these thoughts at the forefront, in Him that we live, and move, and have our being…"We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, but we must breathe with that intention."(Haanel, part 20)



We are all unique THOUGHTS of God. BREATHE deeply!


In the Master Key, Part Twenty it begins by mentioning the endless discussion as to the origin of evil…they are simply words "Indicating the nature of the result of the thinking or creative process. Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action; action precedes and predetermines condition." Yes, I understand this.

The origin of evil, takes me to my Bible in Genesis, and the beginning of creation.        Something catches my attention during my sit, and it is the part Knowledge plays in the telling of creation. Because of our MKMMA class, I have become more  aware of anything that has to do with our minds, and the thinking process.  And the word knowledge means something here.

Using my 1828 Noah Webster American Dictionary Of  The English Language; I read, Knowledge "A clear and certain perception of that which exists, or of truth and fact…We can have no knowledge of that which does not exist. God has a perfect knowledge of all his works. Human knowledge is very limited, and is mostly gained by observation and experience…Learning; illumination of mind."

I will not share the entire occurrence from Genesis, but I will share the verses that held my interest in regards to knowledge, and our thoughts.treeofgoodevil

For out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree pleasant to the sight, and good for meat: the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, (Genesis 2:9 The 1599 Geneva Bible) God gives a command to the Adam, and tells him he may eat freely of every tree of the garden, except one, and that is the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil.

Adam and Eve do eat of the tree. It is interesting here to me, it says their eyes are opened and they knew they were naked, they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves, and they hid themselves from God. Their minds became aware, their minds were illuminated about themselves. It seems like there first illumination was in their lack. Hmm.

Then the Lord God Said, 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…' As I continued to read, it was evident that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, that the imaginations of the thoughts of his heart were only evil, and the earth was filled with cruelty. Here we have revisited…'The origin of both good and evil; they are simply words which have been coined in order to indicate the nature of the result of the thinking or creative process. Thought necessarily precedes and predetermines action; action precedes and predetermines condition.' Week 20 stresses, if we think lack, limitation, discord, we shall find their fruits on every hand. So every time  'they' thought, they started a train of causation, which created a condition in strict accordance with the quality of the thought which originated it. There thought was destructive and discordant and produced the corresponding results. (What we think about grows) Here is the immutable law in action. Haanel says  in part 20, "…but the immutable law will not allow you to plant a thought of one kind and reap the fruit of another." There is so much here to consider, to dig into. What happened to make every imagination of their heart evil?  

teslaThe secret to power we are told is to have a perfect understanding of the principles, forces, methods, and combinations of Mind, and a perfect understanding of our relationship to the laws of the universe, (20-7 Haanel) In my simplistic understanding, God created the universe and set all His laws in motion, universal law. Their are laws evidenced all around us, and I believe God has set up laws within our minds, and body. I have not grasped a perfect understanding or knowledge, but I am well aware that the more I know, the more I know I don't know. I do know God has written his law upon our mind and in our hearts, and we do have knowledge of good and evil, (Jeremiah 31:33).

Whether we like it or not, we will reap what we sow. We are free to use our marvelous creative power as we choose…but we must remember the laws that rule the universe are immutable. "Our permanent well-being will be best conserved by a conscious cooperation with the continuous forward movement of the Great Whole," Haanel, part 20.

In Him we move, and live, and have our being…we can live more abundantly every time we breathe, but we must breathe with that intention.



We are all unique THOUGHTS of God. BREATHE deeply!


A Week of Challenges…Great Opportunity!

And just what do I mean?  Last week was such a highlight experiencing the Law of Attraction in so many wonderful ways.  I believe it was two Sundays ago Trish mentioned breaking out with hives due to 'things' in her life during her MKMMA journey.  I had developed a rash on my chest, and I looked at my husband after hearing Trish share, and wondered out loud if I could be experiencing something similar.  By last Thursday the rash was extremely itchy and welts had developed. It was most unbearable.  I made a doc appointment by my husbands prompting. The Doctor could not explain the rash. Any lotions, or essential oils I had used, I had used on all my skin, so why the chest? He sent me home with a topical cortisone cream, and and oral cortisone as well.  I decided not to use the oral medication, but just used the cream and felt immediate relief.  Within a matter of one day it was gone.  Between several conversations I had, was it possible my body was detoxing as it was struggling with change from old thoughts to new thoughts…?feelingsick

One girl friend shared, stressing about delay could center those emotions in my chest. I've definitely been struggling with delay, in many areas of my life. Sunday I awoke with a raspy deep chest feeling. Why the chest again.  I dressed, and made it through church, but I was exhausted and a cough began to develop.  Monday and Tuesday, I had no voice, and spent most of the Monday, Tuesday sleeping.  Wednesday was our Courageous Diva call, I pushed myself still not feeling well. Sharing what was going on with me it was suggested that using the cream for the rash could have suppressed what was detoxing. Could it have taken the form of this awful cold, again originating in my chest? I guess I must admit, I have not heard of our bodies reacting this way.  By Thursday I was up moving around, feeling some better.  It was my first time to read through Part Nineteen of Haanel for the week. Here again DELAY

Haanel, Part Nineteen intro, "Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood."  It goes on to explain that fear affects the entire body; body, brain, and nerve, physical, mental, and muscular. So in my mind, emotions of any kind…those feelings attached to our thoughts makes them very powerful…The Law of Dual Thought.

Julie Booz in an earlier post mentioned something I have remembered, what she wrote planted a seed.  Her instructor asked her why she was sick?  In the course of their conversation, Julie outlined for us the reasons we get sick.      Master Key System Week 11 – Processing  

1. Your body is releasing toxins. 2. You are being asked to slow down. 3. Your soul wants your diet to change. 4. You are unconsciously resisting or worried about something.

Now isn't that food for our Thought?

Experiencing DELAY is so many areas of my life. Things not fitting into my timeframe. Disappointed & frustrated  in my self and how long it can take me to do something, especially technical computer stuff.

Then I read, part 19-27 in Haanel…paraphrased.

I take the necessary time to eat in order that the body may be nourished, why not take the time to ASSIMILATE my mental food?

I will take the time to ASSIMILATE my mental food. I will persist!



I will live this day as if it is my last…"procrastination I will destroy with ACTION; doubt I will bury under FAITH; fear I will dismember with CONFIDENCE…I make a solemn oath to myself that nothing retards my new life's growth…I must practice the art of patience…I know that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, Great OpportunitiesOg Mandino




Onward and Upward in OUR Master Key Journey!





The Law of Attraction…In Action

What an adventure.  I enjoyed a time of exuberant conversation with a friend this week over brunch.  A chat that lasted three  hours. As we were catching up, we began to notice more and more how parallel our journeys had become, on a metaphysical level.  Something a year ago we really had NEVER discussed an interest in. And here we find ourselves sharing the very things I've been reading AND applying the past several months. We understood each other. In fact our enthusiasm overflowed as we continued. She leaned in to get my attention as she mentioned something about yogurt, probes, and vibration. I looked back at her and quizzically asked, "Are you talking about the movie, I AM?"  She said with a bit of shrill excitement in her voice, "Yes, I have just ordered it."  Well, I smiled and said, "Luther and I watched that last night." We were both blown away, and sat erect just starring at each other with smiles that had us grinning from ear to ear. We agreed that we needed to meet more often. I feel this is the beginning of a new Master Mind Alliance.

The second incidence occurred through my email this morning.  Another friend had sent me a link to check out, and it was about our brains, and the importance of what we think about….I will include an excerpt from the email. I was introduced to the Neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf. drleaf

She discusses redesigning the landscape of our brains. She emphases the importance of the daily sit, but uses different phraseology. She talked about each and everyone of us being unique, not one of us alike.

"Switch on Your Brain...

Pop those toxic thoughts and renew your mind! This is what I discuss in episode 5 of my TV show! This is powerful information showing that we are not victims of our biology and that we are designed by God to change our minds and our brains. We have love, power and sound minds (2 Timothy 1:7) and we are neuroplasticians! Neuroplasticity is the scientific term explaining that our brains change as we think and choose. Thinking and choosing generate signals that literally change how we select and express our genes, and these genes make the proteins that form the physical substance of our memories."

It seems  everywhere I turn, I am inundated with what we think about matters.  And it matters on all levels of our being. This week alone, I have come across several authors that I have never heard of before; Pam Grout authored the book, E2 (E-Squared). She mentions, "I am so excited about my new book, E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality."








Florence Scorel Shinn authored books many many years ago along the same line.  Here are some of the affirmations originated by Florence for you to enjoy.

I reread this in chapter Twelve of Haanel, "It is the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force, called the law of attraction…Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event. By the simple process of governing our thought forces today, we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future, perhaps even tomorrow…"

To top it off, Mark, Davene, and Trish shared the video on Shawn Archor during our webcast.  I loved it!! Watched it a couple of times.  Luther disappeared for a moment, and reappeared with a book in hand.  Guess what it was, "The Happiness Advantage." by Shawn Achor.  Remarkable.

What I am thinking about is blossoming.  This week specifically I have witnessed The Law of Attraction taking place in my own life in tangible form. From the Blue Print Builder, "I realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality."

Haanel chapter 18-24 explains this very well, "…this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth is therefore conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find that on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond only to the extent of their vibratory harmony."

The Law of Attraction…In Action in my life!

I had to share this quote and sweet picture. Which Og Mandino scroll does it remind you of?




Internal or External Motivation?

What drives you?

Our journey through the Master Key System by Haanel has us looking within. We have read that the majority of mankind lives in the world without, externally motivated. "Most people try to change effects by working on effects. They fail to see that this is only changing one form of distress for another." Haanel 1-35  "If you wish to change conditions you mush change yourself." Haanel part 9.thoughts

"The world within is governed by mind." Haanel 1-7

"The world without is a reflection of the world within." Haanel 1-8

Here is a thoughtful quote by James Allen, "Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things. Mind is the master weaver, both the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance."

Did you know that our attitude is of intrinsic value?  Our attitude of mind determines the experiences which we meet in life. Haanel 3-17  We reap what we sow! "Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude."Haanel 13-16


Every man is a reflection of his mental attitude, his thoughts.  It shows in his countenance; his face, his form, his character, and his environment.

"If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop a harmonious mental attitude."Haanel 14-29

Again our world without is a reflection of our world within-our over all attitude. We reap what we sow, what a man thinketh-he is, what we think matters.

"Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing thought." Haanel chapter 5.

So what should we be thinking about if we want our expression to be of the highest quality? Should we not select the best of everything? Our thoughts should be abundant with Character, Courage, and Kindness.

"If our impressions have been of fear, of worry, of care, of anxiety; if they have been despondent, negative, doubtful, then more toil , care, lack, and anxiety will be reflected in our countenance." Haanel chapter 5 paraphrased

thoughts2We may choose what we think, and any line of thought persisted on will produce its result in the character. "All things have their origin in mind, and appearances are the result of thought."Haanel Part 14. This is the law of growth; what we think about grows and what we forget atrophies.

Have you formed the habit of analyzing every thought?  We are learning to be the non judgmental observer of ourselves and others.  What a task.  What a life changing exercise.  Incorporating The Seven Laws of the Mind are a wonderful  aide in securing a mental diet of the right stuff.

THE SEVEN LAWS OF THE MIND--commit to memory and use moment by moment as needed! Here I have given brief explanations of each.

The Law of Substitution: We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind, think about God, or remember something pleasant, or hilarious.

The Law of Relaxation: Mental effort defeats itself. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally.

The Law of Practice: Practice makes perfect. Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. With the practice of correct things, we improve on the other 6 Laws of the Mind.

The Law of Forgiveness: To access our Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel.

The Law of Dual Thought: Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

The Law of the Subconscious: As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24/7, to manifest the demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

The Law of Growth: What ever we thing about grows. What we forget atrophies.

But I must warn you it is hard work. Matthew Adams warns, "Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view."

We have read that the majority of mankind lives in the world without, externally motivated. Focusing on changing the effects, or circumstances in their objective world. Does that work? Does that make sense?


Live by intention. BE internally motivated! Your ally is your imagination, let it soar. You will become what you think about. Do you have a goal, a desire, some great good you would do?

Ponder it, let it grow.

Give yourself PERMISSION to BE all that you can BE.

But remember ideas are worthless unless we act on them, Knowledge is worthless unless applied. "...We must fertilize the thought with a living purpose." Haanel part 12

wallpapers-bridgeThis is my Hero's Journey.  There are many UNKNOWNS I face, but I accepted the Herald, I have stepped out in FAITH. I take uncertain steps at times, I am afraid at times.  But I am learning to navigate the unknown currents through a powerful alliance of Master Minds. My courage grows,  I am beginning to apply the knowledge I have gleaned. Little steps now, but I know 'I will walk tall among women, with a new life. I build my castle one brick at a time, for I know that small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking. I persist, I win. I greet this day with love in my heart. I visualize my new reality as a service to others.' Mandino

I pray for wisdom, and with that prayer I pray for understanding.





I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And that my soul knows very well. He who counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. He who made the greater light to rule the day, the lessor light to rule the night. He who created the LAWS of order, the LAWS of creation…He made me, and He made me unique for His purpose. He has placed His law in my heart, He has given me a mind to think.

And what am I to think about?

"Whatever things are TRUE, whatever things are NOBLE, whatever things are JUST, Whatever things are PURE, Whatever things are LOVELY, whatever things are of GOOD REPORT, if there is any VIRTUE, and if there is anything PRAISEWORTHY…"Philip 4:8

I am internally motivated!